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New Build Options 2016
13/02/2016 04:13 PM

We are very excited to announce a collaboration with one of the most respected and established builders in the Costa Blanca with their new range of off plan villa options.

Hondon Valley Homes are one of the very few agents selected to market these stunning new villas and there will be some very exciting developments in the next few weeks/months as new properties and off plan projects are made available. Keep an eye out in our latest villas section of the website as the villas will be listed here first.

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As 2015 draws to a close....
29/11/2015 10:50 AM

As 2015 draws to a close and we look expectantly towards 2016, I thought I would just have a look at some of the statistics from this record breaking year.

Since we started we have increased turnover substantially year on year, however this year has even proved shocking to ourselves in the number of clients looking to live in this wonderful part of Spain. Traditionally sales slow down in August as thoughts turn to much deserved holidays, however this year was busier than ever....... leaving little time for a break ourselves, however with 300+ sunny days per year, easy access to the beach and the pool make our necessity to travel somewhat less.

The normal diverse cosmipolitan mix of clients graced our business this year and the mix is almost identical to last years figures. The British clients have benefitted from the Sterling to Euro rate has been resolutely high this year averaging £1 = 1.40€ for most of the year. Great news for British clients who made up 30% of our business this year up from 25% last year.

2015 % by nationality.

30%  United KIngdon

20%  Netherlands

15%  Belgium

15%  French

5%    German

5%    Australian

5%    Sweden

5%   Other (Americas, SE Asia, Norway).

There have been a few more surprises in 2015. Normally the number of clients slows down as we head towards the festive period, however our diary is booked with clients throughout and the week between Christmas and New year is nearly fully booked already. We already have bookings as far in advance as May 2016!  With many north European countries celebrating Christmas in early December, the British late December and Spanish in early January.... Christmas is a spread out affair for most of our clients..... We celebrate all of them.

We added a new team member Christina this year who has proven herself immediately with clients. Fluent in Dutch, Spanish and English she has proven to be a real asset to the business as reflected in the glowing testimony of her clients. She firmly believes in our ethos of being open, friendly, informative and most importantly listening to our clients needs.

We were featured on the BBC1 show Escape to the Continent where 3 of our properties were chosen out of the four featured on the show and we obtained the only offer. We hope to be filming another property show in 2016....  so watch this space.

So with 2016 on the horizon what do we expect......

We hope that the exchange rate will continue to remain around the 1.40€ to the £1 for the benefit of our UK clientel. We urgently hope that more clients will decide to list their villas for sale as we have sold more than listed this year. We hope that Christina, the latest edition to our team will continue to prosper and we hope to meet as nice a group of clients this coming year as we have this year.

We have some exciting plans for 2016. Rather than sitting on our laurels we have some innovitive ideas to push our business forward regarding marketing, advertising, collaborations, websites, techical equipment, client interaction and customer service............  

We have a great team at HVH and collaborate closely with a trusted network of Lawyers, Bankers, Architects, Builders, Handymen, Gardeners and  administrators and we pride ourselves in going above and beyond what is expected of us on behalf of our clients.

2016 looks like being a great year in this sunny, peaceful corner of Spain....... why not come and join us?

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New 20€ notes hits the street this week
29/11/2015 09:55 AM

THE new-style €20 note will be in circulation in Spain from Wednesday this week, and will reflect the design of the recently-introduced €5 and €10 banknotes.

This includes a watermark, and a 'window' with a portrait in it when held up to the light.

The new €20 note is the third in the series and, gradually, all denominations will be replaced across the Eurozone – the next will be the €50, the €100, the €200 and then the €500.

But the impact of the new €20 will be greater, since it is the most-used note in Spain and, in fact, in Europe as a whole, meaning a very high quantity of them will need to be stored in cashpoint machines.

Shops in Spain have had to adjust their anti-forgery checking machines to ensure the new €20 will be recognised.

In the meantime, although teething problems may occur, shopkeepers will do their best to minimise them and the 'old' €20 notes remain legal tender.

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An Alternative view of Elche
07/06/2015 11:44 AM

The Costa Blancas hidden gem !



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An alternative view of Alicante
07/06/2015 11:42 AM

This is a fun and lively look at Alicante city. Its more than just an airport.



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The most beautiful villa XXX
23/03/2015 04:43 PM

The most beautiful of villas is now for sale close to the pretty town of Pinoso.

View pictures online here:


View it on youtube here:


To buy it:

Call Steven on 0034 663797187

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2015 Prospects looking great.
23/01/2015 12:38 PM

The early signs for 2015 are looking very promising.

Movement in the foreign exchange rates are helping Sterling clientele with affordability and we are seeing increasingly strong interest from northern European countries and increasing interest from Scandinavian countries.

As I write this we have agreed sales on 3 villas already this month with a couple more in the pipeline which will finish January with close to a million Euros in sales which is a record in this traditionally quiet month.

Our new and innovative advertising campaigns have been proven worthwhile and Hondon Valley Homes yet again leads the way in adopting a more modem and proactive approach to selling properties. Long gone are the are the old methods of selling properties favored by traditional agencies stuck in their ways and a new more modern customer focused approach to finding the right property is paying dividends. 

We have many exciting things happening in 2015. Watch this space for updates throughout the early part of the year.


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Happy Christmas, Feliz Navidad
19/12/2014 08:09 PM

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients (buyers, vendors and renters) past, present and future and wish them a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

A special thanks to Brigitte and Etienne for their hard work throughout the year to ensure we have gone from strength to strength and still remain the number one choice for clients, and also to Angela and Angel at AP Abogados whos professionalism and tireless assistance has proven invaluable throughout the year for both ourselves and our clients.

So we look back fondly on a record 2014 and look forward to very exciting news in 2015 and the prospects of exceeding all our expectations yet again.



During the Christmas period we will close at the end of business on Friday 19th December and reopen on Monday 29th and 30th December. We are closed 31st to 5th December.

We will of course be available via email and telephone.

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House Prices Rising in Spain
06/12/2014 12:28 PM

Interesting article in the Financial Times, pointing to better times ahead.


Spanish house prices are rising for the first time in more than six years, suggesting that the country’s nascent economic recovery is gaining traction even in sectors that were hit hardest by the recent crisis.

House prices in the second quarter rose 0.8 per cent compared with the same period last year, the national statistics office said on Monday. It was the first year-on-year increase since the first quarter of 2008, which marked the end of a decade-long housing boom and provided the trigger for Spain’s subsequent housing bust, banking crisis and sharp rise in unemployment.


The turnround in Spain’s housing market, if confirmed in the months ahead, would provide yet another sign that the economy is now firmly on the mend – and would vindicate the recent surge in foreign investment heading into Spain’s real estate market.

Antonio Garcia Pascual, chief euro area economist at Barclays, said the rise in house prices reflected broader trends in the Spanish economy, with the main driver of the recovery shifting from exports to the domestic economy: “Unemployment has been coming down for some quarters, disposable incomes are rising and bank lending is less of an obstacle than it was – so it is only natural that asset prices move along with that improvement.”

A rise in house prices could provide a further boost to the domestic recovery, he argued, pointing out that property is by far the main source of wealth for Spanish families. But Mr Garcia Pascual also warned against over-optimism: “I don’t think you will see a rapid rebound, simply because there is so much supply. You are talking about hundreds of thousands of empty apartments. This will take time.”

The second-quarter increase comes after one of the most dramatic property boom-and-busts experienced by any European country during the crisis: at the high point of the recent cycle, in 2006, the construction sector made up more than 13 per cent of national output, and Spain boasted more housing starts than Germany, France, Britain and Italy combined. Since then, house prices have fallen by more 35 per cent across the nation, and about 1.7m workers in the construction industry lost their jobs.


Spain emerged from recession last year, and the economy has recently shown signs of accelerating faster than most analysts expected. National output in the three months to June rose 0.6 per cent compared with the first quarter this year – one of the biggest leaps in the eurozone. The Bank of Spain currently predicts that the country’s gross domestic product will rise 1.3 per cent this year and 2 per cent next year.

On Monday, the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development praised Spain’s economic recovery in a new report. Angel Gurría, the OECD secretary-general, said in a statement: “The economy is growing again, employment is rising, the banking sector has stabilised and financial markets’ trust in Spain has increased.”

The Paris-based group urged further reforms, however, especially to help Spain’s 5.6m unemployed back into work.


You can see the article in full here:


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Business as usual over holiday period.
25/07/2014 10:56 AM

Another busy week at Hondon Valley Homes with sales and completions aplenty. We seem to be living at the notaries and lawyers offices over the next couple of weeks completing sales before the big Spanish August shut-down when most of the country goes on holiday. 

A big congratulations to Jill and Selwyn from Hondon.......new beginnings, and also a big welcome to Swa and Annie Renders from Antwerp to their new 4 bed villa in Almistech, may you have many happy years in your beautiful new villa.

Also a big thank you to our dedicated teams of lawyers who provide a level of service to our clients way beyond what would normally be expected. Enjoy your holidays...... we will keep you busy upon your return.

The image below shows the vendors (left) having the escritura (deeds) translated from Spanish into English by their lawyer and the purchasers having their deeds translated from Spanish to Flemish by their lawyer in the offices of the local notary.

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