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Sellers - Paperwork you need to sell
08/10/2012 12:41 PM

In collaboration with our lawyers (TLA Corp) Hondon Valley Homes have put together a quick guide for clients looking to sell their property, to help them in organising their paperwork to ensure a trouble free sale. When we come to value your property we will enquire about the availability of this paperwork and will need to have it in place in order to sell your property. If you need advice regarding the information below, please feel free to call Steven on 663797187 who will gladly explain why we require this paperwork and how to go about obtaining it if you do not have it.


The Property Deeds.

Check in your property deeds that your property is accurately described. Any additions or external modifications should be shown in the deeds. Commonly in this area swimming pools, terraces, garages, built BBQ area and pool houses. These should be shown on the deeds. Interior modification does not need to be shown on the deeds, however construction size of the property and additiopns and the overall size of the plot show be shown

Property In Catastro.

Your property must be registered in Catastro (Suma). You should receive each year a IBI tax (council tax) bill for your property. Check this invoice as it will describe the property, size and any taxable improvements (pools etc.).



Habitation Certificate.(CH)

The CH is a document that shows that the property has been constructed respecting and fulfilling the Spanish construction laws. The document is also needed by the purchasers in order to have the water and electricity connected in their names. Typically a CH only lasts for 5 years and will need to be renewed. Check your CH to ensure that it is in your name and still in date. The CH should be obtained in advance of a sale.

No Infraction Certificate. (CNUI)

This is called the certificado de no infraccion urbanistica. It is issued by the local town hall to confirm (or not) that the property is free from fines. This certificate is ESSENTIAL to the sale of the property. This CNUI is usually applied for once the sale has been agreed and is done by the lawyer.



Do you pay your taxes in Spain as a Spanish resident or are you paying your taxes in country of origin (Belgium, Holland, Germany , UK)? In order to reduce the need for the Spanish tax authorities to retain 3% of the sales price (refundable) you need to demonstrate that you have paid the applicable taxes. Please seek proper tax advice when considering selling your property to avoid extra costs.

When selling your property the list of paperwork you will be asked to provide is below:


The above may seem a bewildering array of paperwork to provide, but it is not that difficult or complex to arrange. My strongest advice is to start to collect the required paperwork now as any prospective buyer will be more confident knowing that the property is 100% in order. If you would like advice on getting your paperwork in order, please call Steven or Brigitte on 0034 663797187 for advice.


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Welcome party for clients
23/09/2012 08:40 PM

On Saturday 22nd of September my colleague hosted our first get together for our French, Belgium, Dutch and Swiss clients who have purchased from us recently. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to say thank you as we'll as a great chance for people new to the area to make new friends, swap experiences and enjoy the late summer weather. A great time was had by all, with drinks aplenty and a magnificent paella cooked perfectly by Alain. My thanks to Brigitte and Alain for all the hard work they put into a fantastic evening which started at 3pm and drew to a conclusion at about 2am. 

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Legal Protection
01/09/2012 04:01 PM

Buying a property in spain or any other foreign country can be a daunting task. There are the different rules, regulations and laws to take into account, regardless of the fact that the contracts and documents you will need to sign will be in a language that you may not understand.

It is imperative that you seek the services of a reputable lawyer specialising in the sort of property that you are looking for. Being based in an area predominantly populated with rustic properties, it makes sense that a lawyer specialising in rustic villas would handle your prospective purchase and yet some buyers look for the cheapest possible solution.  Lawyers who specialise in urban properties are more than qualified to process your purchase, but they are not aware of the nuances of some of the local laws and two hall practices and in the long run....... The lawyer can often end up taking longer and costing more money.

My next piece of advice may surprise you. Be very careful when taking the  advice of your agent when selecting your lawyer. Many agents will be paid a commission by the lawyer as an "introductory fee". The lawyer should be working for you and not for your agent.

I will now contradict my own advice above by advising prospective purchasers with ourselves to use the lawyers that we use. We receive no financial benefit from recommending their services and our recommendation is done on merit alone.

Both the lawyers, Juan Carlos and Jose Antonio are experts in rustic properties and law, both speak fluent English, French and of course Spanish and they work from local offices in Albatera and Quesada. The legal team behind them of Mati, Esther, Maria and Miriam look after all the day to day handling of the purchase and keep in regular contact in English, French or Spanish often sending replies to client questions at 7 or 8pm in the evening. Not only are they professional, quick and  courteous but they can also handle other legal matters, tax matters and have an in-house architect.

Their website is a mine of information for both buyers and sellers alike and is written in English.

Of course you are free to use whichever team of lawyers you wish to , however if you want the security of the acknowledged leaders in the area you need look no further than TLA CORP.


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Stay With Us.
10/07/2012 02:08 PM

Great news if you are looking for accommodation when coming to see us:

Many of our clients obviously do not live in the area and as a consequence need to arrange accommodation when they are over in the Hondon valley. With this in mind we have for the exclusive use of HVH clientele, secured the use of a great little 2 bedroom apartment right in the heart of Hondon de las Nieves. Located next to the church you are just a minutes walk to the many bars and restaurants. The roof top terrace gives magnificent views of the village and a real taste of living in the area.


There are two bedrooms, bathroom, lounge with TV and DVD and a small kitchen and it serves as an ideal base for your property hunting trip. With prices at just 30€ per night it is a lot more conveniently situated and much cheaper for up to 4 people to stay. Please contact us for availability. Please note that this accommodation is exclusively for the use of HVH clientele on viewing trips and we have chosen not to rent it out as a holiday let. 
Of course should you use our accommodation and subsequently purchase, we will be happy to refund the cost of your accommodation upon completion.
This is only one of the steps that Hondon valley Homes is taking to ensure that our clients receive the very best standards of service whilst visiting us.
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Hondon de las Nieves Fiesta 2012
08/07/2012 10:30 AM




Friday 6th July

21:00h Opening of painting exhibition by M.a Rosario Martinez Leguey, Aula de Cultura

00:00h Party in the school play ground.


Saturday 7th Juy

10:00 Demonstration on putting rings on birds

13:00 Ruta del Tapeo. Let’s go have some tapas (nieves square bars)

19:30 Show for children “cantajuegos” (sing and dance game)

00:00 Fancy dress. Starting at the school and ending in barranca popular. Prior registration in ayuntamiento


Sunday 8th July

09:00 Walk to Cueva del Rollo. Departure from main square.

13:00 Ruta del Tapeo (Meson el Moreno, Casa Eva, Rte, La Font)

20:00 Regional dancing, by the dance group of Hondon de las Nieves accompanied by Rondalla and the municiple choir, also the dancing group of Aspe “La Revolica” and choir of Alguena


Friday 13th July

21:00 Book presentation “El Godo” by Victor Andres, Aula de Cultura

21:00 V Edition Futbol Sala (7-a side) Place: La Canalosa

00:00 Barraca Popular (Party in the school ground)


Saturday 14th July

10:00 Workshop “inside generation” (Dangers of new technologies) Aimed at youth 12-20 yrs old. Prior enrolment in youth centre required.

13:00 Ruta del Tapeo (Raco dels Canyos, Bar Central, Las Rocas, Trencaclosques..

19:30 Opening of the FERIA MODERNISTA (1920’s FAIR) in the central plaza and adjoining streets.

20:30 Futbol Sala (7 a side) La Canalosa

00:00 Barraca Popular (party in the school ground)

01:00 CORREFOCS – RUNNING WITH FIRE – AS PER USUAL ITINERY (Have a look at the video to see why you should not miss this fantastic event) http://hondonvalleyhomes.com/index.php?action=page_display&PageID=6


Sunday 15th July

09:00 Cycle ride – departing main square in direction of La Canalosa

13:00 Ruta del Tapeo, meson el Moreno, casa Eva, Rte, La Font

18:30 Feria Modernista – 1920’s fair. Closing at 01:00 approx.

19:00 Audition for musicians (to join the Hondon band).


There are a wide selection of other activities from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd and details are available at the Ayuntamiento.

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Coastal Properties Now Online
03/07/2012 06:31 PM

Following the successful launch of the new website officially on Saturday we have seen a massive increase in the number of visitors and enquiries in the following days, so we have decided to open our coastal listings page much earlier than expected. Our coastal agent Phill will have the majority of the coastal properties on our coastal website, however we will cherry pick a wide selection of prices and locations to suit all budgets. Should you wish to see any of the properties viewings can be arranged from our Hondon or El Raso office. Simply click on the COSTAL tab on the menu bar.

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Welcome to our updated website.
13/06/2012 04:12 PM


Welcome to our brand new website. For many years we built and developed our old website, however with the demise of the flash programming language and the rise in the number of people using mobile phones and tablets we had to concede that the old faithful site was no longer worthy and reluctantly decided to employ the services of a web design professional.

I hope you are as pleased as we are with the results. The new website allows our clients to search the site more accurately to find the property of their dreams, it can be viewed on all devices and viewed as designed rather than a simplified version as seen on the old site and also non English speakers can change the language to any one of dozens of languages. As about 60% of our clients do not speak English as their first language this part of the site is already proving its worth.

There are many new and exciting ideas that we will add to the site over the coming months so please keep an eye out for our new developments, and if you think of anything that will improve the site, do not hesitate to let us know.

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