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Why is eSports worthy of official sports status?

Why is eSports worthy of official sports status?

Before reading further, try to discard your prejudices regarding computer games and be impartial to the information set out below. If you look at the facts, then eSports has all the signs of popular competitions.

Mass and availability

Computer sports are interesting to millions of people around the world. People with disabilities here are no different from the rest. The Internet removes physical limitations and allows you to play with friends from other cities or countries. In fact, the number of participants in the cybersport movement has become so large that ignoring such a huge community would be indicative of disregard.

Real engagement

Almost every viewer can be and with a probability of 99% is an active participant. So many opponents of computer games say that the real sport is physical activity, but they themselves went out on the field 10–20 years ago, and now they are limited to watching their favorite game with beer in front of the TV. Cybersports do the same, only through Twitch and without beer.

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Big money and good work

The popularity and prospects of eSports attract huge capital into this area, most of which goes to the players, making hobby well-paid jobs. No matter how exciting the game is, for its support and advancement a push is needed. Developers spend huge amounts on organizing championships. They are joined by sponsors – manufacturers of computer accessories and other attributes. Successful players are transformed into professional athletes who earn their favorite thing.


Modern computer games championships are no different from major football and hockey tournaments. Large gaming arenas that appear in all major cities of the world and are built specifically for e-sports events – these are the same stadiums.

The spectators who came to see their favorite teams live or watching the tournament online are fans. Each game is played by professional commentators in specially equipped studios, and analysts, including eminent players, analyze in detail the course of each match.