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BUYERS: Is electricity expensive in Spain?

It is a common question I am asked weekly by clients either viewing, purchasing or renting.

The answer as normal is a little complicated.

Gas is not as common place in Spain as it is in the UK or northern Europe, so most heating and all cooling is done using electric. Most household appliance are also cold fill (dishwashers/washing machines) and they heat up the water rather than taking a hot feed. So your actual usage of electric is likely to be higher due to the majority of your energy consumption being electric based.

There are however ways to mitigate this. There are day and night tariffs where you receive cheaper electric depending on the time of day. As I write this in the Spring, I benefit from cheaper electric with my supplier Iberdrola from 11pm to 1pm the following day. I run my washing machine, dishwasher, hot water heater and swimming pool pump during this low rate period. You can fit a gas oven that works from gas bottles that are cheap to buy and many people have gas hot water heaters. It makes a real difference and for once you can watch you bills drop.

Modern air conditioning is much cheaper to run than older units. They are cheaper to use to heat than cool as well.

I have a log burner for the winter months and 250€ of wood heats the whole villa for the entire winter.

And the best advice…… ditch the electric oven and get outside and have a BBQ. Over 300 sunny days a year…make use of them.

BUYERS: Safe Buy Spain - Your Trust in Our Hands.

Hondon Valley Homes are one of the founder members of Safe Buy Spain.

We set up this group as we were tiring of the underhand tactics used by some local agents when dealing with both buyers and sellers.

We wanted to initiate a group of like minded agents who like to operate above the accepted standard, a group of legal, tax paying agents who have been established for a minimum of 5 years and have an impeccable record in customer service and satisfaction.

Take a look at our Blog post about the SBS here:


BUYERS: Freehold or Leasehold?

It is unlikely that you will find many leasehold in this part of Spain.

When you purchase a villa or house you purchase the land that the property is located upon, however if you buy an apartment, you buy the walls, the floor and the ceiling and balcony.

BUYERS: How long does it take to buy a Spanish home?

There is no exact answer to this question.

Our quickest completion was 10 days from viewing to completing and the buyers moving in. This could only be accomplished with the assistance of both sets of lawyers who worked in tandem, and of course the sellers who fortunately had alternative accommodation arranged.

The normal duration from an offer being received through to completion ranges from 4 weeks on the quick side through to 12 weeks plus.

I would estimate that 6 weeks is the norm, however the completion date is a mutually agreed date that is not only convenient for the buyers and sellers, but also that the buyers lawyer is entirely satisfied that the property is 100% correct and ready for completion.

Our advice is to make the agent, vendors and your lawyer aware of the timeframe as soon as you can so that everybody is working towards a shared goal.

BUYERS: Do I need a Spanish bank account?

Not necessarily so for the purchase,  but you will need to open an account in Spain following completion.

Most of our clients transfer the funds to purchase their property into their lawyers client account. This is both cheaper to do and easier than transferring first into your own account in Spain and then to the lawyer prior to completion as it will save you on bank charges. On the day of completion the lawyer will do all the transfers to pay the vendors, fees and taxes.

You will need a bank account however to pay your utility bills, internet, mobile as well as council taxes etc.

We can assist you opening an account locally as we have excellent connections with the banks in Hondon and we can even arrange for the account to be in the language of your choosing.

BUYERS: Tell me about the Hondon Valley?

So why should you choose the Hondón Valley?

Rather than read about it why not watch one of our Two Minute Tuesday video blogs explaining why the discerning buyers from all over the world are choosing to make the Hondon valley their home.

TMT Ep.7 Why choose the Hondon Valley?


The Hondon Valley in relation to coast, airports and cities.



BUYERS: Research is the Secret to Successful Property Buying in Spain.

Research, research and then research a little bit more.

You may be well aware of the ins and outs of the property market in your own country, however although similar there are subtle differences in Spain that can make a big difference to you as a potential purchaser.

When you buy a new TV you can do hours of research. You read reviews, go on forums, watch tv tech shows, you can even watch somebody unboxing and reviewing  items online. The point is that when you make the decision on which TV to eventually purchase you have all the facts, specifications, reviews and prices available to you…….. and yet, I often have clients coming over to Spain with budgets of 2,3 or even 400.000€ who are embarrassingly lacking in knowledge on what may be one of the biggest investments you are ever likely to make.

So what areas should you be doing your homework on…. Take a look at our article in the blog section covering all the important aspects of the research you need to undertake in order to get it right the first and only time.

Reasearch Reaserch Reaserch – You can never do enough


BUYERS: The NIE.... What is is, Why do I need it and Where can I get one?

The NIE number is a tax identification number for foreigners and stands for the número de identificación de extranjero.

Why do you need one?

  • You will be required to have NIE if you wish to buy a property
  • In order to have the utilities connected in your name at your new property
  • Open a bank account you may be required to have one
  • Purchase a vehicle
  • Start work or study in Spain

If you want to read more about the NIE please follow the link below for our full article on the NIE in our blog section or the link to Steven explaining the NIE number in our video vlog Two Minute Tuesday.

Blog: https://hondonvalleyhomes.com/buyers-the-nie-number-explained/

Video explanation: https://hondonvalleyhomes.com/tmt-ep-5-the-nie-number-everything-you-need-to-know/#scroll