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Two Minute Tuesday

TWO MINUTE TUESDAY – What do we hope to achieve…

One of the most important jobs we have as agents is answering our clients many and varied questions.

Vendors may have purchased their properties many years ago and many aspects of the property sale have changed considerably since they purchased. It is part of our job as their agents to ensure they are furnished with all the correct information, so they are aware of exactly what is expected of them, their lawyer and the property in order to ensure a speedy and issue free sale.

Buyers obviously need even more assistance than the sellers. We want all of our clients to be fully armed with the facts and figures so that they can buy with assurance that they have asked the correct questions and are in possession of all the information that they may need when making one of the most important decisions they are ever likely to make.

We spend several hours of each day responding to enquiries and questions pertaining to the buying and selling of villas and we wanted to come up with a solution that meant our clients have access to the information they need 24 hours per day 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Each Tuesday we will upload a new video, just a couple of minutes or so (in truth normally 3 or 4) answering one of the many questions our clients both vendors and purchasers frequently ask. It is simply myself (Steven) talking directly to you giving you the same information we would be giving you if you were sat in our office.

In combination with our Frequently Asked Questions page, our Blog and our free downloadable Ebooks we believe we will have the best informed clients possible and this can only be mutually beneficial for all concerned.

We hope you enjoy them and if you wish to get involved you can email us and ask for your question to be featured on one of the future editions of TMT. [email protected]


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