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Post Brexit Buying Requirements

Do You need a Visa in Order to Purchase a Villa in Spain post Brexit ?

There are 3 categories of buyers in Spain.

  1. Holiday Home Buyers or Investment Buyers who are looking to stay in Spain for under 90 days in any 180 day period.
  2.  Buyers looking to live full time in Spain with a budget in excess of 500.000€
  3. Buyers looking to live in Spain full time with a budget under 500.000€

Which category you are in depends on what you need to do next!

Buying in Spain in 10 steps

Essential information you need to know to ensure a stress free property buying process.

It is a daunting task purchasing your dream villa in Spain. A foreign language, a different way of doing things and a legal process that is similar but subtly different to the one you are used to.

This simple and common sense advice  can save you time and money.

The costs of buying in Spain

The additional costs you need to be aware of when purchasing a property in Spain.

It always helps to be aware of the total cost of purchasing prior to visiting as this will help you formulate your budget and there will be no unnecessary affordability issues in the future.

In this eBook we will explain the extra costs that you need to budget for in order to purchase your dream home in the sun.