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TMT Ep.102 The "Golden" Visa....

Posted: 4 May 2021

This episode of TMT covers the Golden Visa. What is it, what does it do, how do you get one and what do you need in order to qualify for one.... Hint.... Deep pockets :)


A Helping Hand

Posted: 23 April 2021

From the many deserving charities in and around the area we have decided in 2021 to assist and support ALMA Animal Rescue based here in the Hondon Valley.


TMT Ep.101 Bank Repos..... The Good, Bad and the Ugly.

Posted: 20 April 2021

In this weeks episode 101 of Two Minute Tuesday we look at some of the less appealing options when it comes to Bank Repossessions. Sometimes the bargain property may be more than you bargained for. This is a video for buyer beware, not to put you off but just to remind you that not everything that glitters in Gold.....!


TMT Ep.100 The Q&A Your Questions Answered.

Posted: 6 April 2021

Welcome to Episode 100 of Two Minute Tuesday. When we started this journey we thought we would produce  10 or maybe 15 information videos to help our clients both buyers and sellers alike, however over the last couple of years the format has proved so popular we have many more videos to come. In this edition we answer many of the questions that can be dealt with quickly and concisely. 


TMT Ep.99 Cava: Everything you Need to Know.

Posted: 23 March 2021

In this weeks episode 99 of TMT we take a look at the Spanish Champagne called Cava. Everything you could ever wish to know in just a couple of minutes. How it is made, where it comes from and why is it so much better value than its French cousin.


TMT Ep.98 Top Tips for Moving Home

Posted: 9 March 2021

On this weeks TMT with HVH we take a look at some of the common sense tips and tricks we picked up whilst moving home a few short months ago. Some will save you time and some will save you money and they will all save you unnecessary stress.


TMT Ep.97 What We Learned Buying Our New Villa.

Posted: 23 February 2021

In this weeks episode 97 of Two Minute Tuesday with Hondon Valley Homes, we take a look at some of the things we learnt when recently purchasing another villa in the beautiful Hondon Valley.


TMT Special - Do You Need a Visa to Buy Property in Spain post Brexit?

Posted: 16 February 2021

Our most asked question so far this year by far so we have produced this video in support of our FREE to download eBook which covers all aspects of purchasing property in Spain post Brexit…….. holiday homes or full time homes…. everything is covered in the eBook which can be downloaded here:


UK Nationals Living in Spain

Posted: 10 February 2021

If you currently live in Spain and would like a copy of the UK Governments document about your rights as a UK national in Spain following Brexit, please drop us an email to info@HondonValleyHomes and we will send you a copy by return.


TMT Ep.96 Top Tips I Learnt Selling My Villa in Just 5 Days

Posted: 9 February 2021

In this weeks episode of TMT (#96) we look at the lessons I recently learnt whilst SELLING my villa in just 5 days in a pandemic lockdown.