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The HVH Wedding

Posted: 13 June 2019


TMT Ep.58 Part 2 of Tips and Tricks to Sell your Villa Quickly

Posted: 11 June 2019

In this weeks episode we continue on from the previous episode where we looked at the first 5 of our list of top ten hints, tips and tricks you can undertake to give your property sale a nudge in the right direction. Some of the hints are common sense and some you may not have thought of so it is definitely an episode where you could pick up something useful.


Urb. La Montanosa

Posted: 4 June 2019

No two minute Tuesday this week. Instead we put together a short video for clients who are considering selling in La Montanosa, Hondon de las Nieves, La Romana, Macisvenda, Fortuna, Barinas, Banos and Pinoso areas.


HVH is now a member of AIPP

Posted: 28 May 2019

To give you even more reasons to put your trust in our hands, we are now a proud member of not just Safe Buy Spain but also AIPP


TMT Ep.57 Top 10 Tips To Selling Your Villa Quickly

Posted: 28 May 2019

If your property needs that extra something to secure a quick and profitable sale then this may just be the episode of TMT for you. This first of two parts looks at some simple, quick and cheap "Hacks" to getting a quicker sale of your most cherished possession.


TMT Ep.56 What is Power of Attorney (POA) ?

Posted: 14 May 2019

In this weeks episode of TMT with Hondon Valley homes Steven talks about the often used process called Power of Attorney (POA). He will explain what a POA is and why it is so useful to buyers, sellers and residents alike as well as what it is used for.


TMT Ep.55 LEGAL Property Improvements

Posted: 30 April 2019

In this weeks episode of Two Minute Tuesday we try to solve some of the confusion as to what you are allowed and not allowed to do with your property. When do you need planning permission and when not?


TMT Ep.54 The Spanish Property Vendors Recap Episode

Posted: 16 April 2019

On this weeks episode 54 of TMT we go back and look at all the episodes that are important to you as a vendor. A must see episode if you have your villa for sale or are thinking of selling your villa in the future.


TMT Ep.53 Hondon de las Nieves Vs. Hondon de los Frailes..... Which is better?

Posted: 2 April 2019

One of the most commonly asked questions by clients looking to move to the Hondon Valley is which is the better village and why? So in this weeks episode 53 of Two Minute Tuesday we let you have answers to the many questions you have about the Hondon Villages.


TMT Ep.52 One Year of TMT - Q&A Special

Posted: 19 March 2019

That's right..... One year of TMT is celebrated this week with a Q&A episode with questions sent in by our clients and answered by myself in the beautiful city of Seville.