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Two Minute Tuesday

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TMT Ep.142 What Language Do Spaniards Really Speak? The Answer May Surprise You.

Posted: 14 March 2023

Do you know what language is officially spoken in Spain...... Would you be surprised to know it is not Spanish. Find out everything you need to know in this weeks episode.


What can You Grow in your Hondon Valley Garden. TMT Ep.141

Posted: 28 February 2023

Prompted by a question from a client who is soon to move to the Hondon Valley about what they can grow in their garden, we thought we would dedicate this episode to answering what kind of crops grow in the sunny Hondon Valley.


TMT Ep.139 A-Z of Salt Water Pools

Posted: 14 February 2023

In this weeks episode we take a look at Saltwater swimming pools..... the pros the cons and how they work and differ to your standard Chlorine pool.


TMT Ep.140 New Vehicle Eco Stickers

Posted: 31 January 2023

From the 1st January 2023 you need to have an Eco sticker on your car in order to enter cities with populations in excess of 50,000 inhabitants. All you need to know in this weeks episode 140 of TMT with Hondon Valley Homes.


TMT Ep.137 The 5 things you NEED TO do after your have bought Your Dream Spanish Home.

Posted: 17 January 2023

It is so easy to forget some simple things when buying your dream home here in Spain. So this week we look at 5 things you should turn your attention to immediately following the purchase of your dream home in the Hondon sun.


TMT Ep.138 End of Year Review and 2023 Predictions

Posted: 3 January 2023

So 2022 is over and done and 2023 stretches before us. How was the property market in 2022 and what do we expect to happen in 2023. Stay tuned to find out.


TMT Ep.136 FIVE Huge Mistakes for Buyers of Spanish Property to Avoid.

Posted: 29 November 2022

In this weeks episode of Two Minute Tuesday we take a look at the 5 biggest mistakes a potential villa buyer can make prior to making the big decision.


TMT Ep.135 Vendors Documentation - What You Need to Sell Your Villa.

Posted: 15 November 2022

This week we revisit the topic of the documents you need to get in order so that you can sell your property without issue when the time is right. It is much better to have all paperwork in order when you have no stress, time constraints, buyers, agents and buyers lawyers on your back.


TMT Ep.134.5 Is This the Future of Holidays in Spain?

Posted: 1 November 2022

This week we take a break from the taxes, logistics and paperwork associated with buying a home in Spain to feature a very special place we have just returned from. This is District Hive in Gorafe, Andalucia in Spain and it may show a glimpse of how we could be holidaying responsibly in the future.


TMT Ep.134 Solar Power in Spain... Was it worth it?

Posted: 11 October 2022

In this weeks episode 134 of Two Minute Tuesday we take a look at our decision and why we made it to go solar. We take a look at the system we chose and why and our initial thoughts after just a couple of weeks usage and we also warn about some of the Solar Sharks out there.