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TMT - Brexit Changes to be Aware of

Posted: 12 January 2021

In this weeks episode of TMT with Hondon Valley Homes we take a look at some of the changes you need to be aware of post Brexit. We share some of the information that will be important to both British buyers and sellers of property now Brexit is complete as well as giving you a link to a trusted information source of all the information you could possibly need.


TMT 2020 Review and Look ahead to 2021

Posted: 5 January 2021

In this year end review we take a look back at the year that was 2020 and a glance ahead to the prospects for 2021.


Christmas Office Opening Hours

Posted: 17 December 2020

The opening hours for Christmas 2020 and New Year 2021. We will of course be available via phone, Social media and email.


TMT Ep.94 Swapping UK Driving docs to Spanish

Posted: 8 December 2020

In this weeks Episode number 94 of Two Minute Tuesday with Hondon Valley Homes we take a look at the process required in order to swap your Non Spanish driving documents for a Spanish driving licence and with Brexit and all that entails this is an important episode especially for clients from the UK.


TMT Ep.91 Non Resident Tax - What, Why, Where & How....

Posted: 29 September 2020

In this weeks episode of two minute Tuesday with Hondón Valley homes we take a look at Spanish non-resident tax. What it is, why do you have to pay for it and how do you pay it. Everything you need to know in just a couple of minutes.


Super fast internet in Urb. La Montañosa in Hondon Valley

Posted: 28 September 2020

Speeds have steadily crept up over the years. in 2006 it was 1 or 2mbps with Commenersol, then 10mbps and a jump to 30mbps with Telefonica vdsl. Aeromax then pushed the envelope to 100mbps until


TMT Ep.90 Dealing with a death in Spain

Posted: 15 September 2020

A sad video I know but it pays to be aware of the subtle differences and procedures when dealing with the death of a loved one here in Spain. In this video we outline what to do, who to speak to and what information you may need in this time of obvious grief. Some simple practical and common sense advice.


TMT Ep.89 Everything You need to Know about the Certificate of Habitation 2020

Posted: 1 September 2020

A short but sweet recap episode this week but one that is equally important if you are a buyer or seller of a property here in Spain as we discuss the all important Certificate of habitation. What is it, Why do you need it? What is it needed for? and How do you get one? All this and a little more in this weeks episode for buyers and sellers alike.


TMT Ep.88 The EPC -What, Where, Why & How Much?

Posted: 18 August 2020

This week on Two Minute Tuesday with Hondon Valley Homes we take a look at the much maligned but still vitally important Energy Performance Certificate when buying or selling a villa in Spain. What is it, Why do you need it and What does it cost. All this and more in this weeks episode of TMT.


TMT. Ep 87 The True Cost of Selling your Villa

Posted: 4 August 2020

In this weeks episode of Two Minute Tuesday (#87) we revisit the topic of the actual costs associated with selling your Spanish villa. From agents and lawyers fees to villa documentation and taxes.