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Two Minute Tuesday

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TMT Ep.157 What Happend to Rent 2 Buy Contracts?

Posted: 17 October 2023

They were all the rage between 2008-20012 when the Spanish property market was having a "difficult" period...... but where are they now? Do clients still use them?


TMT Ep.156 The Mediterranean Diet. Will You Live to 130 yrs when You Move to Hondon?

Posted: 3 October 2023

In this weeks episode we take a look at the much publicised Mediterranean diet and if it is as good for you as everybody says and perhaps more importantly, when you come to Spain is it something you will follow or will you seach out your old familiar favourites from the coastal supermarkets?


TMT Ep.155 Residency or Citizenship........ which is better when moving to Spain?

Posted: 19 September 2023

Join us in this week's episode of Two Minute Tuesday as we delve into the contrasting realms of Spanish residency and citizenship. In Episode 155, we explore the divergent aspects of these two statuses, shedding light on which option might be most suitable for your new life in Spain.


TMT Ep.154 FIVE Useful Website Hacks to make Buying/Selling Property Easier.

Posted: 5 September 2023

Our website is far more than just pretty villas, blue sky and pools. We like to give our buyers and sellers alike as much information as possible so that they can make informed buying and selling decisions. There is a huge amount of work involved in producing this "knowledge base" so this video highlights some of the areas that may save you some browsing time.


TMT Ep.153 Is Your Spanish Real Estate Agent Legal, Licenced, Registered and Insured?

Posted: 22 August 2023

Is your estate agent Legal? Are they registered, licenced and Insured? In order to be compliant with decree 98/2022 if you wish to sell properties in the Valencian region you need to be. Would you trust an unlicensed, unregistered and uninsured agent to sell or buy your dream home?


Correfoc 2023 - Night+Fire+Devils=Fun (Fiesta 2023)

Posted: 15 August 2023

For one night each year at Midnight....... The lights go out and the Devils come out to play. Welcome to Correfoc 2023


Knowledge base 20. Estate Agent Mandatory Registration

Posted: 8 August 2023

The happy hour for estate agents in the Valencian Community is over. Registration as a real estate agent in the Valencian Community has been compulsory


Fiesta 2023: Floral offering to the Virgen de las Nieves.

Posted: 8 August 2023

More highlights from the amazing Fiesta held in Hondon de las Nieves this August. Ofrenda Floral a la Virgen de las Nieves. Floral offering to the Virgen de las Nieves. Hondón de las Nieves 03.08.2023


TMT Ep.152 - FIVE Ideas for Days Out in the Holidays

Posted: 8 August 2023

5 Great Ideas for days out in the area this summer. If the constant flow of guests is too much, how about venturing a little further afield and seeing some attractions locally that you may not have visited before?


Procession of the Virgen de las Nieves through Hondón de las Nieves. 05.08.2023

Posted: 6 August 2023

How beautiful. This is why we choose to live in Spain. A tiny village of 2500 people 30km inland from the Mediterranean. Hondón de las Nieves…….. Viva!