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TMT Ep.129 Building an "Off-Plan" Dream Villa in the Hondon Valley

Posted: 2 August 2022

This could be our longest episode of TMT, but the topic and content need a little more time, so we have dedicated this longer episode to walking you through the process of building an off plan property in Spain. What options are open to you, what should you look for, what pitfalls...... By no means do we cover every aspect but at least you will have the basics at the end of the video.


TMT Ep.50 Off Plan & New Build Properties.... What, Where, When and How.

Posted: 5 March 2019

In this weeks Episode of Two Minute Tuesday we look at Off Plan Properties. It may sound daunting building your own home in Spain, however what better than designing your dream home from the ground up with your specification, you set the budget and choose the location. This video with give you the basics and should you decide you wish to progress further you at least have the facts from which to make your decision. With a budget of 200.000€+ your dream home may soon be a reality.