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TME Ep.17 - What Vendors Should Expect From Their Lawyers

Posted: 3 July 2018

In this weeks edition of TMT we are talking about what you should expect from your lawyer as a vendor. What duties the lawyer undertakes before, during and after the sale of your property.


TMT Ep.16 As A Buyer This Is What To Expect From Your Lawyer.

Posted: 26 June 2018

In this weeks edition of Two Minute Tuesday we follow on from last weeks episode where we talk about how to choose a lawyer  and we update this with advice to buyers about what they should expect from their chosen lawyer when purchasing their dream home in the sun.


TMT Ep.6 The documents you need in order to sell your villa

Posted: 3 May 2018

In this weeks edition of TMT we take a look at all the documentation that you need to get into order before listing your villa for sale and what the agent will ask for in order to list your villa and what the lawyers will need to see in order to process your sale in an efficient, quick and stress free manner.


TMT Ep.2 The certificate of habitation - What, where, why & how

Posted: 3 May 2018

What is it, what does it look like, why do you need it..... All the answers and more in this weeks edition.