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TMT Ep.96 Top Tips I Learnt Selling My Villa in Just 5 Days

Posted: 9 February 2021

In this weeks episode of TMT (#96) we look at the lessons I recently learnt whilst SELLING my villa in just 5 days in a pandemic lockdown.


TMT Ep.58 Part 2 of Tips and Tricks to Sell your Villa Quickly

Posted: 11 June 2019

In this weeks episode we continue on from the previous episode where we looked at the first 5 of our list of top ten hints, tips and tricks you can undertake to give your property sale a nudge in the right direction. Some of the hints are common sense and some you may not have thought of so it is definitely an episode where you could pick up something useful.


TMT Ep.57 Top 10 Tips To Selling Your Villa Quickly

Posted: 28 May 2019

If your property needs that extra something to secure a quick and profitable sale then this may just be the episode of TMT for you. This first of two parts looks at some simple, quick and cheap "Hacks" to getting a quicker sale of your most cherished possession.


TME Ep.17 - What Vendors Should Expect From Their Lawyers

Posted: 3 July 2018

In this weeks edition of TMT we are talking about what you should expect from your lawyer as a vendor. What duties the lawyer undertakes before, during and after the sale of your property.


TMT Ep14 Exclusivity contracts.... a Good or Bad idea?

Posted: 12 June 2018

In this weeks edition of Two Minute Tuesday with Hondon Valley Homes we talk about the Exclusive agency agreements that some agents are now offering and why this may be detrimental to the quick sale of your villa.


TMT Ep13 What is my home worth ???

Posted: 5 June 2018

In this weeks edition of Two Minute Tuesday we talk about how to value your own home. We explain how to get the maximum value for your property and how to make your property stand out from other similar properties. 


TMT Ep.4 The costs associated with selling your villa

Posted: 3 May 2018

Your fees from agents, lawyers and the taxes and costs associated with getting your property in the correct order to allow it to be sold free of issues. Steven explains the fees associated so that you have all the information at hand when deciding on asking price and agreeing a sale at a later date.