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SAFE BUY SPAIN – to protect you, our client

Your Confidence in Trusted hands -Tu confianza en manos confiables

Safe Buy Spain is an organization that was initiated by a group of like-minded real estate professionals on the inland Costa Blanca South and Murcia regions of Spain. Disillusioned by the lack of regulation, ethics and professionalism shown by many unregistered agents the SBS was started to act as a common voice of established, legal, tax paying agents. 

The SBS members work to a higher standard with levels of integrity, ethics, professionalism and unrivalled local knowledge deserving of clients who are making life changing decisions when deciding which agents to choose when purchasing their property.

Making Our Mark Count.

The SBS is a non-profit group and unlike other similar organizations does not charge members a fee for joining. Membership of SBS is based on the real estate agents references from clients, their time in the industry, their legal status and most importantly of all their impeccable reputation for offering first class service to their clients.

This community of agents and their support network will uphold the highest standards and this initiative has been backed by banks, insurance companies, finance companies, lawyers and architects.

Our Mission.

Members of the SBS all subscribe to the following mission statement and code of ethics.

  • At all times act with honesty, transparency and fully within the legal framework covering the buying and selling of property within Spain.

  • Promote best practice and a code of ethics amongst all members

  • Act as a common voice of the established subscribed real estate professionals in Inland and Coastal Alicante and Murcia.

  • Enhance professionalism and ethical conduct at all times.

  • Offer clients at all times the best and impartial advice available to them.

  • Ensure that all resale properties listed for sale are checked to ensure conformity to regulations and ensure that all documentation is in order and available for buyers lawyers.

  • Ensure that all new and off plan properties conform entirely to the laws governing the build and sale of such properties.

  • Ensure that all client monies are held in governed client accounts or escrow accounts and full transparency and traceability is observed.

  • Have written consent with the vendors to list the property for sale, to advertise and market the property in an accurate and honest manner.

  • Provide an independent network team of trusted real estate industry professionals, bankers, lawyers, builders, tradespeople and architects that are at the disposal of our clients should they be required.

Hondon Valley Homes are delighted to be one of the founders of this initiative and following a deliberately low key roll out in early 2018 we will look at a slow, natural expansion initially through our areas into new territories to ensure the highest standards are set amongst agencies throughout Spain.


To check the certification of any agents displaying our logo or a similar logo, please visit our website at www.safebuyspain.com

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