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Super fast wifi internet in Hondon Valley

When I first moved to Hondon de las Nieves in 2006 the fastest internet speed was 2mbps and not long after the speed doubled to a massive 2mbps. This was our fastest available speed until 2008 when it doubled overnight to 4mbps.

It was not until 2010 with the introduction of competition to the only provider that speeds started to edge upwards again, 4 , 6, and then 8. For most people this is adequate. Enough for YouTube and Skype but not if like me you need to upload large data or video files.

With the introduction of Movistar adsl and vdsl in 2013 speeds lept forwards to 12mbps on adsl and a lofty 30mbps on vdsl. The downside however was the upload speed that remained a miserable 1mbps. When uploading one of our videos of a villa we would need to walk away from the computer for about an hour whilst it uploaded.

Then Ana came into my life.

And then everything changed when I received a call from a lovely lady called Ana.

She explained that the company she worked for are now installing 5G internet connections in the Hondon Valley and that they are currently offering speeds of…………. 100mbps upload and download and that this will improve over time to 300mbps up and down in the near future.

Was I interested ????

The speedtest below gives you the answer. The speedtest was conducted during the day with 3 other computers connected as well as various smart devices running at the same time.

Internet speedtest with other devices connected.  70mbps down and 93mbps upload

If you are interested in upping your internet service, please email me and I will forward details of their introductory offer with 3 months free.

[email protected]


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