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buying in Spain

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TMT Ep.49 How Many Villas do I Need to View Before finding My Dream Home?

Posted: 26 February 2019

In this weeks episode 49 of Two Minute Tuesday with Hondon Valley Homes we answer a conundrum faced by many clients when looking for their dream home in the sun...... Exactly how many villas should I view before making up my mind.


TMT Ep.48 How to Buy a Villa RECAP.

Posted: 19 February 2019

This week we take a review of all the pertinent episodes of Two Minute Tuesday that will assist a potential buyer in Spain. Rather than searching through the 50 episodes of TMT so far this weeks episode will point you in the right direction for the episodes that you need.


TMT Ep.42 Do you Need a Lawyer to Buy a Villa in Spain ?

Posted: 8 January 2019

In this weeks episode of Two Minute Tuesday with Hondon Valley Homes we look at if you need a lawyer to buy a property here in Spain. Amazingly one client we spoke to recently took the decision to purchase many years ago without using a lawyer. Was this a good idea, did saving a few euros pay dividends in the long run....... ?


TMT Ep.11 How to make an offer to buy your dream villa. Part 3 of 3

Posted: 22 May 2018

In this weeks episode we conclude our 3 part mini series where we talk about the first viewing, second viewings and now the offer itself. Steven chats about how to make the offer, the etiquette involved and how to qualify your offer.


The NIE number explained

Posted: 5 May 2018

The NIE number is a tax identification number for foreigners and stands for the número de identificación de extranjero.

You will be required to have one if you wish to buy a property in Spain.