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TMT Ep.48 How to Buy a Villa RECAP.

This week we take a review of all the pertinent episodes of Two Minute Tuesday that will assist a potential buyer in Spain. Rather than searching through the 50 episodes of TMT so far this weeks episode will point you in the right direction for the episodes that you need. There are also links in the description for you.

The episodes featured are:

TMT Ep 8 Choosing the right agent to sell your villa. Hondon Valley Homes.

TMT Ep 25 Why HVH? Hondon Valley Homes:

TMT Ep 7 Why the Hondon Valley? Hondon Valley Homes

TMT Ep21 Inland vs Coastal Living with Hondon Valley Homes

TMT Ep 27 Spain vs N.Europe Hondon Valley Homes

TMT Ep 3 Buyers additional costs. Hondon Valley Homes

TMT Ep 43 Residencia -What is it and why is it so important.

TMT Ep 45 Fiscal Residency – Its not the same as residencia !

TMT Ep24 Save Thousands Of Euros On Your Dream Villa

TMT Ep 37 Arranging an Inspection Trip

TMT Ep 38 The free viewing trip myth exposed

TMT Ep 10 Part 2 of 3 What to do during 1st and 2nd Viewings.

TMT Ep 11 The Offer Process

TMT Ep 15 How to choose a lawyer

TMT Ep 16 What Buyers should expect from their lawyers.

TMT Ep 31 Buy a Villa Without an Agent

TMT Ep35 The Notary?

TMT Ep 36 Completing at the Notary

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