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TMT Ep.150 Living with Solar Power after 12 months. Was it a 20.000€+ Mistake?

Posted: 4 July 2023

So we roll around to episode 150 of TMT which is a small milestone in itself and to mark the occasion we are updating our report on the hybrid solar installation we had back in July 2022. Was it worth the near 23.000€ investment..... the good and bad side of solar installation in 2023.


TMT Ep.134 Solar Power in Spain... Was it worth it?

Posted: 11 October 2022

In this weeks episode 134 of Two Minute Tuesday we take a look at our decision and why we made it to go solar. We take a look at the system we chose and why and our initial thoughts after just a couple of weeks usage and we also warn about some of the Solar Sharks out there.