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TMT Ep.150 Living with Solar Power after 12 months. Was it a 20.000€+ Mistake?

So we roll around to episode 150 of TMT which is a small milestone in itself and to mark the occasion we are updating our report on the hybrid solar installation we had back in July 2022. If you remember the original video (link below this video) you will remember that we had many issues with the company, their customer service and the actual installation itself…… so in this episode we look back to the system we chose and why, the issues and if they have been resolved or not and how the system and the company who installed have improved as well as the cost of the system, the return on investment and what it is like to live with.

It’s a longer than normal episode but it is broken down into chapters so you can nudge forward if needed.

Time stamps: YouTube

00:00 Introduction to this episode of TMT 01:08 Video Intro clip 01:15 Our system specification and why we chose it 04:10 Our Batteries 05:12 The Inverter 05:52 Maintaining the system 07:10 Recap of system 07:50 Solar Safety 08:00 Cost 08:55 Affordability and Return on Investment 10:15 Other Benefits 11:10 Spare capacity – enough for an electric car? 11:50 Are we Self Sufficient with Power? 12:20 Hybrid – paying us back for our spare capacity 13:30 The installation company – 12 months later 15:00 The issues 16:30 Are the issues now resolved? 17:15 Would I recommend the Installation Company? 18:50 Video conclusion.

Our previous episode on Solar.

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