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TMT – Brexit Changes to be Aware of

In this weeks episode of TMT with Hondon Valley Homes we take a look at some of the changes you need to be aware of post Brexit.

We share some of the information that will be important to both British buyers and sellers of property now Brexit is complete as well as giving you a link to a trusted information source of all the information you could possibly need.

Please note there is still a degree of confusion as to what is expected if you are looking to obtain ‘residencia’ for the first time. The lawyers we use and the company we use for obtaining ‘residencia’ and NIE numbers for our clients could not give us a 100% clear and concise answer to our questions regarding the exact qualification criteria, time scales and reciprocal health deals if any are to be included as part of the Brexit transition, so this will for part of a special episode of TMT as and when we have the definitive answers to our questions.

There are also conflicting information regarding EHIC cards with some sources stating they will be valid in Spain and some saying not. It is NEVER advisable to rely on EHIC coverage and perhaps even more so now, so please endure you have adequate travel insurance to cover all eventualities.

We obviously cannot cover all aspects of this tremendously complex arrangement and when the authorities and governments do not seem to be in full possession of all the facts it makes it difficult for us to speak with absolute certainty, so please allow us the time to cover the finer points of the details that specifically effect our clients both buyers and vendors….. Watch This Space.

The links to the UK government information:


Link to Entry requirements

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