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TMT Ep.152 – FIVE Ideas for Days Out in the Holidays

Time for a little exploring this week. :inks to the attractions below).

5 ideas for a day trip out from the beautiful Hondon valley to explore the area.

1. Relleu Sky Walk http://www.relleuturismo.com/pasarelas-del-pantano/

2. Cuevas del Canelobre https://turismobusot.com/que-ver/las-cuevas-del-canelobre/

3. Santa Pola https://www.turismosantapola.es/sp/web_php/index.php?lang=4

4. Elche https://www.visitelche.com/en/

5. cuevas de les finestres https://es.wikiloc.com/rutas-senderismo/cova-de-les-finestres-9851705

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