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TMT Ep.23 Safe Buy Spain

In this weeks edition of Two Minute Tuesday we are going to talk about Safe Buy Spain. It is an organization that was initiated by a group of like-minded real estate professionals on the inland Costa Blanca South and Murcia regions of Spain. Disillusioned by the lack of regulation, ethics and professionalism shown by many unregistered agents the SBS was started to act as a common voice of established, legal, tax paying agents.

You can visit the SBS Spain website here: www.SafeBuySpain.com

Please watch out for imitators who have mimiked our logo and text. Only SBS members can display the logo on their website and you can check local membership on the members page of the SBS.

If you have any questions for Steven about the SBS or general information please do not hesitate to contact him on [email protected]


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