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TMT Ep.54 The Spanish Property Vendors Recap Episode

On this weeks episode 54 of TMT we go back and look at all the episodes that are important to you as a vendor. As the number of TMT episodes grow it can sometimes be confusing as to which are the episodes you need to view, watch or bookmark to guide you through the whole experience. So as we did in the buyers recap episode we will do the same again for vendors. We have arranged the video in chronological order starting from the first inklings of selling all the way through to accepting offers, the completion process and what is expected of you and you property as well as paperwork and the assistance you will be provided with along the way. A must see episode if you have your villa for sale or are thinking of selling your villa in the future.

Below you will find links to all the videos mentioned in this video

The Episode links are below:

Ep.4 Selling Costs https://youtu.be/h9WLW9K4_I4

Ep.6 Getting your documents in order https://youtu.be/GuSSbkywh_I

Ep.13 What is your villa worth? https://youtu.be/KXROoDM8-Ns

Ep.20 Fixed Price Property Sales https://youtu.be/iCfIHu5_NFk

Ep.25 Find a reputable agent https://youtu.be/zsUY_lASlBw

Free downloadable eBooks for Vendors. https://hondonvalleyhomes.com/free-se…

Ep.44 Help! My property will not sell https://youtu.be/qtnC69u50X0

Ep.17 Lawyers…. What to expect from them https://youtu.be/7phLmHh1VvY

Ep.11 Accepting an offer. https://youtu.be/qvgDhMQKF-o

Ep.35 Who is the Notary? https://youtu.be/DX7yoyCM4Ag

Ep.36 What happens at the Notary. https://youtu.be/btdDEk1irBw

If you have any questions about buying or selling property in the area please do not hesitate to contact us directly on [email protected] or go straight to our website at www.HondonValleyHomes.com which is full of useful buying and selling guides, free downloadable eBooks and articles and blogs. www.HondonValleyHomes.com [email protected] 0034 663797187



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