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TMT Ep.84 Part 3 Buying a Villa Post Covid-19???

In this final episode of our 3 part “mini-series” we take a look at the inland property market in and around the Hondon Valley & surrounding areas post pandemic from the property purchasers point of view.

In TMT Ep.84 part 1 we delved back 15 years or so to look at how the property market was, how it coped with the crisis in 2007/8 and since then.

In TMT Ep.84 part 2 we looked towards the future post Covid from the perspective of property vendors.

In this edition TMT Ep.83 part 3 we look at Post Covid for potential buyers, what to expect and what role Brexit could play in making you decision as we move forward.

This has been a tricky triple video to make as we have had to predict and use supposition which are less fact based and open to interpretation. As I say this is an opinion piece and is based on my experience, but with the lack of information, or simply inaccurate information we believe our clients both buyers and sellers need to have something more concrete to work upon.

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