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TMT. Ep 87 The True Cost of Selling your Villa

In this weeks episode of Two Minute Tuesday (#87) we revisit the topic of the actual costs associated with selling your Spanish villa. From agents and lawyers fees to villa documentation and taxes. In this video we summarise the costs however we do have more detailed videos explaining in more depth the specific topics covered, so please check below to links to specific videos you may wish to reference, and you can always contact us directly on [email protected] if you require information perhaps specific to you.

This weeks video:

TMT Ep 2 Certificate of Habitation. https://youtu.be/mLqyayWlodg

TMT Ep 6 Show me your Papers – What documents you need. https://youtu.be/GuSSbkywh_I

TMT Ep 8 Choosing the right agent to sell your villa https://youtu.be/N3g31UkCrf8

TMT Ep 15 How to choose a lawyer https://youtu.be/wEGSMtYstnw

TMT Ep35 The Notary? https://youtu.be/DX7yoyCM4Ag TMT

Ep 43 Residencia https://youtu.be/Y4L278uimTM TMT

Ep 45 Fiscal Residency https://youtu.be/tuIc8E4e8x0

TMT Ep 55 Legal Property Improvements https://youtu.be/iGU4seIYAOM TMT

Ep 56 What is a Power of Attorney ? https://youtu.be/KxZvuVp1Dm4 TMT

Ep 59 Plus Valia Tax https://youtu.be/L0m-NkLEWgo

TMT Ep 78 Land Registry & Catastral https://youtu.be/xJtEI4E9Zj8

We will have a video explaining the Energy performance certificate EPC available in a couple of weeks, so look out for it soon.

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