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Traffic & Transport Considerations of the Plan General HDLN

The Study & Analysis of the local trafficinfrastructure


Hondon Valley Homes were represented at the latest meeting with the town hall to look at the future transport expectations, projections and solutions in line with the new Plan General. The meeting took place at the Aula de Cultura in Hondon de las Nieves on Friday 21st September 2018 and was conducted in Spanish, French and English.

It was mentioned that Hondon de las Nieves (HDLN) had a central location just 30 minutes or so from the airport, coast and 15 minutes from major cities such as Elche.

I have noted the main points from the meeting in a bulletin fashion.

  • All roads in the municipality of HDLN were studied and mapped and obviously the most attention was spent on the CV845  as it is the principle road in the municipality.
  • Road usage was studied. The report (downloadable from ayuntamiento website). It was determined that the network was suitable for current needs. All roads from principle route to caminos, bike lanes, country trails and farm tracks were included in the study.
  • The need for an improvement in public transport was noted.
  • There is a low volume of traffic on all routes in the municipality.
  • The population of HDLN is reducing slightly as a trend and this is reflected in the transport requirements,
  • There is more traffic on the CV845 from HDLN to ASpe than from HDLN to Frailes.
  • The issue of the one way system in HDLN is noted and provisions should the be required at a later date have been planned.
  • The Ayuntamiento are monitoring the junction of the CV845 and CV844 to La Romana.
  • It was determined that at present there is no need to improve the roads at the Pol. Ind. as they exceed current requirements already.

A further study will be implemented to look at the traffic flow into the historical centre of the village taking into account closures during fiestas etc. The Ayuntamiento is looking to improve the village with the aim of bringing new business and  tourists, so the road system must not be seen to hinder this.

The Ayuntamiento identified that parking needs improving as does signage to designated parking areas. Discussions will need to be held with landowners regarding renting or purchasing land to allow extra parking.

There are insufficient disabled parking bays and they also need to be in better locations. There are only 5 in the village and the representatives from the town hall acknowledged this and agreed.

This concluded the main part of the meeting after which we needed to leave due to prior work commitments.

There followed a talk by a representative who coordinates the local walking and nature associations regarding future projects, walks about the flora, fauna and ecology in the area.



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