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Knowledge Base 7: What is the……Cédula de Habitabilidad or Licencia de Ocupación ?


The Spanish certificate of habitation, also known as “cédula de habitabilidad” or “licencia de ocupación,” is a legal document that certifies that a property is suitable for habitation by being built in accordance with the planning conditions at the time and meets certain minimum requirements for health and safety. This document is required by law for all new constructions and also for any property that is being sold or rented out.

The certificate of habitation is important for both buyers and vendors of property in Spain because it ensures that the property is in compliance with all the legal requirements for habitation. For buyers, it provides peace of mind that the property they are purchasing is safe and suitable for living in, and that they will not encounter any legal issues related to habitation in the future. For vendors, it is a legal requirement to have this certificate in order to sell or rent out a property, and failure to comply with this requirement can result in fines or legal issues.

The certificate of habitation includes information about the property, such as its location, dimensions, and the number of rooms, as well as details about the construction and installations, such as the electrical and plumbing systems. It also certifies that the property meets the minimum requirements for health and safety, such as ventilation, lighting, and accessibility.

Obtaining a certificate of habitation can involve a process of inspections and paperwork, and it is usually the responsibility of the vendor to obtain it before selling or renting out a property. However, it is important for buyers to confirm that the certificate is in order before completing a purchase, as it can affect their ability to obtain a mortgage or other financial products related to the property.

Properties can be purchase without this document in circumstances where the local town hall do not produce the document or where it is agreed between the buyers and vendors that it is not required due to cost/conditions or timing.

In summary, the Spanish certificate of habitation is a legal document that certifies that a property meets the minimum requirements for habitation and is important for both buyers and vendors of property in Spain to ensure compliance with the law and avoid legal issues related to habitation.

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