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Welcome to our updated website.
13/06/2012 04:12 PM


Welcome to our brand new website. For many years we built and developed our old website, however with the demise of the flash programming language and the rise in the number of people using mobile phones and tablets we had to concede that the old faithful site was no longer worthy and reluctantly decided to employ the services of a web design professional.

I hope you are as pleased as we are with the results. The new website allows our clients to search the site more accurately to find the property of their dreams, it can be viewed on all devices and viewed as designed rather than a simplified version as seen on the old site and also non English speakers can change the language to any one of dozens of languages. As about 60% of our clients do not speak English as their first language this part of the site is already proving its worth.

There are many new and exciting ideas that we will add to the site over the coming months so please keep an eye out for our new developments, and if you think of anything that will improve the site, do not hesitate to let us know.

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